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Farmhouse Lights for under $26.00

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Pottery Barn style lights at Walmart- Check these out!

I was walking around my local Walmart on a rainy afternoon so I was perusing isles that I normally would not... I find myself in the hardware isles as I had never really been in that section of Walmart before. Then I come along the lighting isle. I could not believe the updated lighting options that Better Homes & Gardens sells at Walmart! Mind you, I was in the process of a partial renovation in my bathroom. With my budget in mind lights that were Under $26.00/light and included the Edison bulb was a steal I just could not pass up!

Not to mention, the light, box plate and all electrical components are very sturdy- just like the ones you get from Pottery Barn or the lighting store!

I love the look and quality so much, I updated the light in my entryway with the same light! My home is about 1500 sq. ft so I really think that carrying same design features thru out, gives my home a more harmonious feel. Thanks again, Better Homes & Garden!!!!

Create Cohesion in small spaces by carrying design features throughout!

Beauty Makes People Happy...and in this case- it's cheap too!

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Thanks for reading!


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