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Kids Party Favor. So Cheap- You won't believe it!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

You Make My Heart Bubble with Joy....

So I received a letter home in the "Friday Folder" from Chase’s school stating that the children would be celebrating Valentines day and exchanging valentines with one another. So… Chase is in Kindergarten, making this only my second go around at the whole “School Valentine” thing. So you head to your local Walmart to take a look at the array of Valentine offerings that are all set and ready to go! These days, its not just a one sided little card with just enough room for a picture of a unicorn or batman and to write your name and your recipients name on it… Nope… Not the case… Every valentine comes with a gift; anything from a heart shaped pencil to a red slinky. Then you look at the price for each pack and notice that 8 come in a pack and guess what? Chase has 17 kids in his class…. By the time I buy 3 packs of the “ready to go” valentines, I would’ve spent upwards of $30.00. Not to mention, I then have 7 extra heart shaped pencils that I really didn’t need.… If you are a parent and have walked down that isle, you know.

So in an effort to defy the norm and save some money in the process, I decided that Chase and I would make the valentines ourselves. We looked at Pinterest for ideas and he decided he wanted to give his friends bubbles and made up his own saying for on his valentines. He was really excited to have such an active roll in deciding and creating everything! I thought the idea of giving bubbles was a great idea because it is something the kids will actually use and parents have to buy more of each Spring.

Now for the cost of things… You get a 6 pack of bubble wands from Walmart for $3.97. I purchased pink and red ribbon for $0.47 each and got a package of card stock with was $4.99, with a bunch of extra card stock to spare. Created Chase’s saying in a document and just printed them off, layered pink and red paper behind it and tied to the bubble wand. And done! Total project cost was less than $18.00!

6-Pack of Play Day Bubble Sticks

Multi- Color Cardstock

Spool of Ribbon

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