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Best Fleece Ever!

Patagonia Women's Better Sweater® 1/4-Zip Fleece

Well it is Sunday in February and I am about to head out to Monster Jam Event with my son and ex. I of course decided to wear my GO TO- No Fail Outfit. Since it is the heart of winter in Connecticut, I wanted to share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fleece! It is classy enough to wear to work on a Friday in the winter, but casual enough to wear with a pair of shorts on a summer night at the cottage. I have had this Patagonia sweater fleece for over 3 years and wear it almost weekly. Yup, that’s about 52 times a year! Yup, I admitted it… I wash and dry everything because who really has the time to sift through 4 loads of laundry each week to decide what is important enough NOT to dry…. The best part is, no pilling- it STILL looks brand new 3 years later!

I’m from Minnesota and now live in Connecticut; both can be very cold and unpredictable. It is so easy to throw on a tank top and this cute fleece with a pair of jeans and boots or sneakers. It makes a cute and casual outfit that will be sure to keep you warm! It was perfect today paired with a puffy vest for the Monster Jam Event! I'm pretty frugal and I truly believe that this is fleece is worth every dollar spent! Click on the links below to find the BEST SWEATER FLEECE EVER! YOU WONT REGRET IT. I PROMISE!!!

Patagonia website-Best Sweater Fleece Ever!!!

Dick's Sporting Goods website- Best Sweater Fleeve Ever!!!

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