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Ready.... Aim.... Fire....

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Little Boys' Bathroom Sign

This is a sign that I made for my son's bathroom. I paired it with a bottle of Dr. Teals lotion, which is also AMAZING! The blue bottle matches the accent color in his bathroom. Since its just the two of us, he is a lucky little guy and gets his own bathroom. So I thought it would be fun to add design touches meant for boys. Obviously, this is one of my favorite aspects of the 'all boy bathroom!' Another great thing, it cost me a little over $3! It sits on the top of his toilet and when he is getting ready to "do the deed" He always says... READY... AIM... FIRE.... And he really does aim- it has turned into game for him! Anyway he can be reminded to aim into the toilet, I am all about!!!! So in other words..... I would recommend making a sign if you have a little boy!

Now... to the easy part, making it!

Now... to the easy part, making it! So I headed down to my local Home Goods store, and found myself a clearance frame. I loved how chunky it was, but it was white, which I didn't like... So, I came home sanded it down and stained it brown to give it a richer appearance. The frame cost me $2.99 and I had the stain. Now for the saying... I opened a blank document; played around with different fonts. Once I found the font I liked best, I adjusted the color to match the navy, his accent color and adjusted the size so it would fit in the 5x7 frame. I printed it out on a piece of resume paper that I already had! Total project cost: $2.99


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